Employers Council, Inc.

Mountain States Employers Council has a rich history that mirrors the changing face of human resource management over the past 70 years. Here are some highlights of where we've been and how we've grown.

1935 National Labor Relations Act passed - Union movement begins with two million members nationwide - collective bargaining

1939 Colorado Employers Council formed - 100 members share labor relations and wage data

1945 Renamed Mountain States Employers Council, Inc. - 250 regional members - Start of services beyond labor relations

1952 Foreman Training Program underway - Expansion of survey function - One-story facility built at 1790 Logan

1958 Staff of 20 - First Industrial Relations Conference for members

1962 Four departments - 1,800 participants in training programs - Expansion of MSEC services to non-unionized companies

1980 Five departments - Increased survey, training and employee relations services - Expansion of facilities to second building

1989 1,400 members - 15,000 participants in training programs - Staff of 60

1999 Services in all areas of employment law, human resources, surveys and training - 2,020 members; staff of 100+ - 30,000 participants annually in training programs - Building of additional, five-story office facility

2000 Opening of MSEC's Southern Colorado Regional Office in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

2006 Opening of MSEC's Northern Colorado Regional Office in Fort Collins, Colorado.

2009 MSEC opens an office in Scottsdale, Arizona, providing services to members of the Arizona Employers Association.

MSEC Today


Why Should Your Organization Become A Member?

To receive expert assistance in governmental regulations, human resources, wage and benefit surveys, labor relations and management development ... all available through your membership.

To gain expert "hands-on" help that is only a telephone call away. Whatever your problem, we'll work with you to reach a solution.

To help your organization avoid litigation and remain union-free by developing and implementing sound policies and procedures.

To receive the most current information available on employment legislation, compensation and benefit surveys, training trends and economic data that affect your business.

To access hundreds of practical, informative training programs for managers, supervisors and human resource professionals.

To receive personalized service through the MSEC professional staff member assigned to your account.